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Years of experience in the sales and marketing of hotel services have proved to us, that a high percentage of hotel guests prefers to stay in smaller, charming hotels with character and personalized, yet discreet service.

Small Charming Hotels has built the total character of all our hotels in a holistic manner incorporating as our key criteria:

  • Location
  • Character
  • Hospitality
  • Catering
  • Calm
  • Charm
Location of a hotel is one of the key factors to make hotel a success. This argument is valid even more for the smaller hotel. The smaller size and the market of excellent services appeals very much now to the modern-thinking independent travelers. A Small Charming Hotel should be situated within the destination centre, yet in a quiet street, allowing its guest to reach the centre by walking. The Small Charming Hotel is an oasis just slightly away from the noise and hustle-bustle of busy streets and plazas.
There is no charm without character. Character of the hotel is mainly created by the building architecture and its infrastructure. The property´s character must make the guest feel comfortably, allowing him to have fast access to hotel public areas and yet offering enough privacy when needed. An important aspect is the building size. According to our experience, maximum hotel capacity under standard conditions, where a proper character can be developed and maintained does not exceed the 150 rooms.
This discipline is under the absolute influence of hotel personnel. The guest must always feel he is welcome at the hotel, each member of staff must show her/his sincere interest in helping and assisting the customer. Each guest must have the feeling she/he is not just a booking reference, but as an individual she/he is very welcome at the hotel. Hotel personnel must be truly professional: cordial and friendly, but discreet at the same time. In our terminology, “Hospitality” we understand as discreetness but not ignorance; cordiality but not insolence, precision but not lack of cordiality. Attention to the guest starts the moment he books his room and it ends the moment he leaves the hotel door. Every stay musts be a memorable one! This approach differentiates Small Charming Hotels from larger properties, where dedication to individual guests’ needs are limited due to the smaller ratio of service personnel to the clients.
Catering is a very important service which strongly contributes to the overall opinion the guest makes about a hotel. Breakfast is crucial: the assortment and quality and the presentation of food and beverage, plus the friendliness of the catering personnel is extremely important part of our concept. For the guest breakfast is often, after accommodation, the only service consumed in the hotel, and therefore contributes greatly to the guest´s opinion about the total quality of the hotel.
Calm is a contrived and controlled atmosphere in our hotel concept. As we realize it, Calm is not the antinomy to Noise, as most guests are willing to spend their valuable time in a hotel, which is right in or very near to the city center and generally noisy. The hotel management must create a calm and relaxing atmosphere throughout the hotel. Great attention must be placed on creating a comfortable and calm environment for the guests in their rooms. They must never be disturbed by any operational process ongoing in the building, and certainly never unnecessarily bothered by over an overly zealous staff. Establishing this relaxing and calm environment is the result of perfect organization and coordination among the hotel management and staff. No managerial stress would ever be passed onto guests.
Charm does not necessarily mean luxury in our concept. Charm is that rare ambiance that is created from excellent taste displayed in the art of hospitality combined with the presentation and use of the hotel’s physical plant, its services and its character in a way that creates a clear and positive impression on the guest. Charm as we mean it, will be comprehensively and constant displayed throughout the total Hotel experience. Our hotel management and service personnel will be trained and managed in our approach that not only considers the basic services and amenities, by very importantly, attention to all details. This is what many times makes the difference!