"Hotelpro - the best investment into your realty"

Our Experience

HOTELPRO has been running and operating hotels since 1998. The market value of the hotels operated by the HOTELPRO company in the present and in the past highly exceeds 37 million EUR. The company focuses on smaller and middle-sized hotels with the capacity under ca. 150 rooms, which it either owns or operates based on a lease agreement or contract of agency (management).

Since 2003 HOTELPRO has also been operating chain hotels under the Best Western Company. Managers of the company have extensive experience in running both independent and branded/chain hotels.

HOTELPRO is accepted as a hotel operator by two leading banks on the Czech market for the purposes of granting credit.

The average length of engagement in the project is 9 years!

In the recent years, HOTELPRO has been regularly achieving a turnover over 3,7 million EUR a year and has over 100 employees.